Lard Nar

Lard-Nar, former Vortian scientist.

"Because of your increased height, we have decided to give you Planet Vort, home of the Universe's most comfortable couch." - Almighty Tallest Red

Formerly the Homeworld of massive ally to the Irken Empire, the Vortians, Planet Vort today is an Irken-conquered world.


Vort was once an ally of the Irken Empire, as stated above. However, this alliance presumably ended when then-scientist Zim created 'Cthulhu',a horrible energy-absorbing and all-consuming blob. More specifically, it was when Cthulhu devoured the visiting Tallest Miyuki. Irkens blamed the Vortians for her death, most likely, and would never learn that it was truly Zim's work that killed her.

Years after, it was then conquered by Invader Larb during Operation Impending Doom 2. After Vort was conquered,the Vortians became slaves, and was likely transformed into a massive prison/research facility. There was at least one Vortian who escaped, Lard-Nar. After escaping, Lard-Nar formed a resistance to the Irken Empire named 'The Resisty.'

Vort Prisoner 777

Vortian Prisoner 777

Planet Vort is also the birthplace of the Irken Empire's capital ship,The Massive, designed in part by the Vortians (notably, Lard Nar and Prisoner 777 both worked on the ship).


Planet Vort's appearance, general climate, lifeforms, and more are a mystery in terms of pure canonical information, due to certain episodes being unmade.


Vortian scientists

Crew of Vort Research Station 9, ground zero of Cthulhu's birth.

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Irken ConquestEdit

In Irken Conquest, Planet Vort was where Invader Vex's career as a scientist began. It is also where his ship, the Blade Runner,was created. Vex was also assigned a special mission to infiltrate secret Vortian resistance bases, hidden across Vort's star system. The mission was a success. 

Vortian system

System, as seen in Irken Conquest.

Planet Vort is also the location of Invader Vax's Laboratory,and the home of Irken Scientist Sevn's space station. It is also the former home of Tilex.

In Irken Conquest, it's appearance from space resembles a lightly colored,cleaner Earth.

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Facts of DoomEdit

  • Vort is home to the Universe's most comfortable Couch.
  • There are many Irkens who are or were scientists on Vort.
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