Verssions (Formerly)




Former Military Headquarters and Staging Area.

Notable Facts

Turned into a wasteland, abandoned. Birthplace of Lurk.


Planet Vertec was once the main center of one of the Irken Empire's military operations, and used to be home to the Verssions before they were conquered by Invader Larkz during the ill-fated Robloxia Invasion.


Planet Vertec was once ruled by 3 tyrannical empires that often fought with one another. Their technology was extremely primitive and was at the level of the 1600s on Earth.

Once ruled inhabited by the Verssions, Vertec's native inhabitants were split into three empires with technology equivalent to that of humanity during the 1600s. As such, against the crushing technological might of the Irken Empire, Vertec fell quickly and easily. After all, laser beats musket.

Following the fall of Vertec, the world was converted into a Military Headquarters and Staging Area for the Empire to springboard off of, and to sweep the rest of the Brick Dimension.
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The Vertec of old.

Destruction Edit

Following the events of Dependance Day, Vertec was reduced to a fiery wasteland of a rock, afflicted with pockets of what can only be called 'dark magic', trapped forever near the rift that was once the Robloxia-Z-14 Portal.

Location and Planetary DetailsEdit

Vertec is located in the Afflict star system with 3 other Mars-like planets, orbiting a small blue star, in the Brick Dimension. Orbiting it are four moons. 

Surface conditions were rather warm, with no ice caps, with approximately 57% of the surface being solid ground. 

Importance to the EmpireEdit


Following the conquering of Vertec, it became one of the key worlds during the Empire's Robloxia Invasion. Home to fleets, production facilities, and even (eventually) a few smeeteries, it was a bastion of Irken Might, and still holds secrets and supplies to this day.

Dimensional shiftEdit

The rift near the planet is completely unstable,causing it glow bright with energy. The unstable rift has also caused planet Vertec to warp in out of Z-14 and Ro-14 (Robloxia Dimension) randomly.


Having been infected with Dark Magic, planet Vertec became a home for many strange and usually dangerous forms of life, such as:

Bubble Leeches

Bubble leeches can best be described as inky black bubbles that float around. When they find prey, and they are ready to hunt it, they divide into many smaller leeches, which is also how they reproduce. These smaller leeches overwhelm the prey and suck the blood from it, and then combine back into a single leech. They also form tentacles that are necessary to latch onto the prey and suck the blood from it.

Squid Worm

A Squid Worm is a gigantic creature that looks like a sea lamprey without eyes and a long tongue that's covered in tentacles. They are carnivorous and eat other large creatures.

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