The Utrom homeworld of the same name

The Utrom homeworld is a planet in the Theta galaxy, it is well known for being the leading research planet in the field of molecular amplification bio suits.


The Utrom homeworld is well known for not having any water or trees, as the species are lacking any form of oxygen. However, the planet's air is breathable due to the artificial air simulaters used by the Utrom.


The climate of the planet is typically mild as to appease all forms of life.

The utom capitol city of kendness

Place in Irken HistoryEdit

The Utrom are well known for being peaceful and pacifistic, even going as far as not resisting when being attacked.

This allowed the Empire to easily conquer them wthout resistance.

Place in Intergalactic historyEdit

While the Utrom are 99.9% pacifist, there was one who was not so kind, a red, horned, brutal Utrom named Ch'rell.


Ch'rell during his sentencing

Ch'rell was an intergalactic war criminal who sought to control the government of the Utrom homeworld and attempted multiple times to usurp the Utrom high council through an illegal and violent coup.

Ch'rell aided in conquering Planet Utrom with his large army, but before the Utrom high council was abolished, they tried him for treason against thier world, which the empire did not defend him against. Ch'rell was found guilty of various war crimes and was sentenced to eternal exile on the ice asteroid: Mor Gal Tal.


The Utrom High Council who sentenced Ch'rell

Governing BodyEdit

The Utrom homeworld is governed by (aside from the Empire) the Utrom high council. However, the council must address Irken lawmakers before they can make major decisions.

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