Planet Tofu is a planet in the DA-MN'MAKU star system. It is known for its giant plants that resemble tofu. 


The planet is also known to be covered in cybernetic shapeshifters that shoot lasers, it is unknown how they ended up there. This race of shapeshifters call themselves the Gensockians. They live in small cities with buildings that resemble socks.

These creatures seem to have extremely long lifespans, and enjoying fighting each other for petty reasons. However,they seem to recover from injuries extremely quickly and strangely drink tea and eat cake after fighting each other. The Gensockians are ruled by a council of 13 members. The council members are chosen by the strongest and most intelligent of their kind. They are usually seen wearing unusual masks as a symbol of honor. 

Two weeks into their leader's rule, the lowest members crawl onto the leader and secrete a vile substance that causes the leader to swell up and sprout an egg sack. The leader then becomes their "queen" until death. 

The Gensockians seem to be non-carbon based, and seem to be possibly inorganic. They also seem to take the form of cute human females. This is so they can fool and capture the biggest anime fans in the galaxy to feed their young. They also seem to reproduce asexually by budding off of one another. They usually produce up to 6 of their young at a time. 


This planet's history is unknown.


  • This planet is a parody of the game Touhou
  • One of it's moons,Yama,is a planet covered in yogurt factories and frozen yogurt shops. It is also home to a few gas stations for ships. 
  • It's star system's name is usually spelled in all caps, and is spoken with a yelling voice.
  • Lurk is unwelcome on this planet due to an unknown past incident. It's inhabitants usually attack him when he attempts to land on it. The inhabitants called him "The Dreaded Spike Beast that smells of Vaseline and Tissues". This may be because Lurk was one of their targets for feeding their young, and escaped, possibly making a huge disaster in the process.
  • The leader of the shapeshifter council is known as Remoose the All Knowing,and wears a moose mask as a symbol of honor.
  • Their second in command is known as Kokea Kola, she wears a mask that resembles a Coca Cola can. She was chosen for her excellant homemade soda for some strange reason.
  • Most Irkens dare to not dread this planet, due to its hideous inhabitants. However some brave Irkens quest here in search of the Gensockian's legendary snacks, which are said to be "the food of the gods". Most are unsuccessful however and end up being trapped in the inhabitant's dungeons forever. 
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