Planet TimeoutisEdit

Planet Timeoutis is a planet that has been conquered by the Irken Empire. It is now a large metal planet made up of different prison cells. In these cells prisoners must sit in on stool in a corner of the prison cell. How long they sit there depends on how serious their crimes are.

History and surface.Edit

Planet Timeoutis used to be a planet covered in mostly water, now the entire planet is covered in layers of metal.

A race of cyborg squid like creatures known as the "Yoozians" used to live on this planet in peace. They were conquered long ago. Now most of the Yoozians are being forced to serve as prison guards, the other Yoozians have escaped to the stars. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Below the planet's layers of metal lies the original surface. All the land of the planet has been destroyed and used to "anchor" the outside of the planet. The ocean is used as a form of execution if a prisoner is too dangerous to be kept alive. They are thrown into the ocean attached to heavy weights, where they drown.


Two moons orbit the planet,"Yoogks" and "Byphor". They are now bases used to monitor the planet and it's prisoners.

Other lifeformsEdit

Any other lifeforms on this planet that existed before the invasion is unknown. They are probably extinct.

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