Planet Thyrax is a planet in the Ekri system. It is being conquered by Invader Ark.


Thyrax is the largest planet in its system, and orbits the star Proxima Ekri. It formed billions of years ago, and has been supporting life for over 80 million years. 


Thyrax, because of how close it is to the star, is volcanic in nature, but is still able to support life. The surface is made up of igneous rock with a dense jungle growing on top of it (this has mystified scientists for years), with fissures in the rock reaching down to the molten core. These fissures sometimes erupt like volcanoes.


Thyraxian life is just as mysterious as the planet itself. The Liryxians, the only sentient species on the planet, are insect-like in nature. They have giant mandibles, six legs, dragonfly wings, and exoskeletons, but they walk upright and have three-fingered hands on the ends of their front legs. They are incredibly smart and have developed language.

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