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Polygonies(Also known as Polygonia)





Center of the Intergalactic Internet

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Home to the Polinoid race

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Planet Polygonies is a metropolis planet used as a computer shop planet. It is also the center of the Inter-galactic Neverending Network


This planet is inhabitated by a race of warmblooded crab like aliens,known as the Polinoids. The Polinoids are 6 feet tall humanoid aliens with 4 stalk like legs.  

They are often seen with cybernetic goggle like devices attached to their faces. These devices help enhance their vision. The Polinoids descended from burrowing,carnivorus,crustacean-esque creatures. 

Most Polinoids are incredibly smart and cunning. They are also known to be very manipulative and persuasive. This keeps them from being blown to pieces by the Irken Empire. The Polinoids usually think their way out of tough situations,such as the possible threat of the Irken Empire.

The Polinoids do whatever they can to avoid angering the Irken empire,and often give them advanced technology,along with the gift of the INN network. This makes them valuable allies.


The planet is also home to huge entertainment conventions,with the Polinoids usually hosting them. The Polinoids are almost entirely dependant on machines,similar to the Irkens.

They also seem to spend most of their free time on the internet,or playing with electronic devices. 


Planet Polygonies orbits a yellow dwarf star. A Polygonial year lasts 256 Earth days.


Planet Polygonies is covered in buildings and large cities. The gravity on this planet is lighter then Earths,allowing some species to be very agile on its surface. 


The planets atmosphere is thick and light blue in color. From space,the planet resembles a blue gas giant,similar to Foodcourtia . The planet also has a thin blue ring around it.


  • They are based off the Terachnoids from the Rachet and Clank game series.
  • Most Polinoids are known to be very tall,due to their planets low gravity. They are also very agile and quick.
  • This planet is one of the main centers of Galactic Culture.
  • The Polinoids are secretly planning a defense system to use incase the empire decides to conquer them. Luckily most irkens are unaware of this.
  • The Polinoids are allies with the meekrob,due to both races having high intellects.
  • The Polinoids despise Earth and lower intelligence races. They plan to destroy Earth some day.
  • The Polinoids are allies with the Irken Empire.
  • The Polinoids seem to have knowledge of higher dimensions,and are currently researching tesseract technology.
  • Polinoid technology rival Vortian technology.
  • They have connections with the Galactic Government.
  • Some irkens have trouble pronouncing this planet's name.
  • Schmoob was banned from this planet for burning down a convention. Along with Draxx for unknown reasons.