Plokions (extinct)




Weapons testing facility

Notable Facts

Its air smells like rotting pig and is extremely toxic

First Appearance

Season four


Planet Plork is a green planet with a toxic atmosphere. It was conquered by Invader Koot.  It is now used as a weapons testing facility.

​Inhabitants Edit

The planet was previously inhabitated by a race of 8 foot tall posionous beings made of an unknown element besides carbon. They easily conquered due to their incredibly small intelligence.

These creatures usually dwelled in caves and lived in small tribes.


Planet Plork orbits a red dwarf star. Its atmosphere protects it from the stars deadly radiation. Its days last 26 Earth hours,and its years last 4 Earth years.


Planet Plorks atmosphere is very thick and dense,it is highly toxic to oxygen breathing lifeforms. Nasty acid storms are very common on this planet. Its atmosphere is yellowish green in color. The clouds on this planet are light green.


The planet is mostly covered in cool,dry deserts. Along with large mountains. The planets gravity is much stronger then Earth due to its large size. Small oceans of toxic liquids are also found on this planet.


This planet is used by the irkens as a weapons testing facility. It is also home to nuclear reactors and weapons factories. 


In the year 2013(Irk time),a terrible accident happened involving a nuclear weapons test going wrong. This resulted in several irkens suffering terrible mutations,and shortly dying afterwards from cancer. Thousands of irkens were killed,and the area where it happened was closed off due to radiation. 

A few months later,sightings of strange mutants have been reported inside and near the irradiated area. These sightings have become more and more rare for unknown reasons.


  • Zeerk believes there could be a dangerous mutant on this planet,hidden somewhere.
  • Lurk theorizes that the empire is actually planning the development of mutagenic weapons similar to the nuke used by King Nark,somewhere on this planet. This is highly unlikely however.
  • Draxx often sees horrible visions of this planet.
  • It is called "Planet Plork" because the air on the planet smells like rotting pork.
  • This planet is also known as "Planet Poison".
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