Plnet Noreefundium is one of the biggest shopping planets in the galaxy,home to thousands of stores and malls. The planet is almost entirely covered in buildings.


Noreefundium is made up of thousands of levels city built up from the planet's actual surface. The lower levels are mostly filled with scammers and black market sellers. The lower levels are also known to have lots of crime activity as well. The higher levels are home to big businesses and companies known across the galaxy,along with gigantic malls. There are also a few hotels and apartments on this planet.


Most of the planet's history is unknown,but it was said to be conquered by the irkens many years ago. At first it was used to sell weapons and technology,but gained more buisnesses eventually. 


Planet Noreefundium is covered in a thick,light green atmosphere. It is also known to be cloudy from it's surface. Noreefundium has so many city lights they can be seen from space.


  • Other species are commonly seen on this planet, similar to Foodcourtia
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