Planet Meekrob is home to the Meekrob species, life forms of pure energy.


The Meekrob

Involvement with the Irken Empire Edit

Invader Tenn was later assigned to conquer Meekrob in Impending Doom 2. Unfortunately, a packaging error caused Tenn to recieve a box of malfunctioning SIR units, which attacked and destroyed Tenn's base. With Tenn completely exposed,the Meekrob captured Tenn and declared war on the Irkens. 

Inhabitants Edit

The planets titular inhabitants,the Meekrob,are beings made of pure energy. The creatures have a strange ability to shapeshift.


It's appearance from space is unknown,but it's surface is covered in rocky mountains and hills,and possibly rivers and small lakes. It's sky seems to be a blend of light blue and pink. There also seems to be a yellowish haze in it's sky,suggesting that it might be very dry.


Malfunctioning SIR units

Fanon SectionEdit

Irken ConquestEdit

In Irken Conquest,Commander Plag was kept(and eventually died) in a secret Meekrob base on planet Dot Dot Dot

Roleplay AppearancesEdit


  • Invader Tenn's destroyed base


  • The Meekrob only appeared in one canon episode.
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