Planet Kyrosos 4 is home to the most dangerous,vicious predators in the galaxy.

Plant Kyrosos 4


Most of the planet's history is unknown. all that is known is that the Irkens set up some sort of intergalactic zoo recently.


The atmosphere on planet Kyrosos 4 is light green and thick,the clouds are grey. Most of the planet's surface is covered in jungles and swamps, but there are a few large deserts as well. The planet's climate is quite warm and temperate. 

The weather on the planet is usually rainy and stormy. There are often harsh hurricanes on some parts of the planets. 

The Irken zoo on the planet is made up of a gigantic building that goes to subterraen levels. Most of the Zoo is indoors. The creatures are held inside giant tanks with translucent hard light walls. The tanks all have fake enviorments for the creatures to live in. 

Fauna and FloraEdit

Planet Kyrosos 4 is home to the galaxy's most dangerous creatures, making it a literal jungle filled hell. There are several species of posionous plants and fungi on the planet. Only 45% of the species on this planet have been discovered. Most that wonder on this planet without protection usually end up being eaten alive.

Known InhabitantsEdit


It is located in the solar system of Kyrosos 676,on the other side of the milky way. 


Planet Kyrosos has 3 unnamed moons.

Facts of HorrorEdit

  • The planet is on the other edge of the known universe(To the Irkens)
  • It takes at least 2 earth months to travel to it using a voot cruiser. 
  • There is a tribe of savage Lurk clones somewhere on this planet.
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