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The ruined planet Industrious

Planet industrous is a newly counquered planet that the irken armada has utterly obliterated the exotic planet itself was once home of a utopian society prior to the Irken assault of the planet the natives of this world were once a peaceful people until they travelled to other planets there they mooched and undermined the alien races of those worlds into extinction and also used biological warfare with deadly diseases and left those planets desolate and barren of resources so now in a twist of fate the Irken Empire has now counquered their exotic planet and turned into a fully operational industrial world supplying the irkens with basic machinery for much of anything the planet was mainly counquered because of its rich minerals and for its close proximity to Meekrob Prime also because of its peoples threatening nature of mooching of other races they come across. The planet and its peoples will now serve the Irken Empire so long as its star will be until it goes supernova.
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the ruined cities and lands

The planet was renamed Industrious by the Irkens after counquering it. the planets name before is not to be remembered for reasons of its inhabitants pure arrogance . The planets counquering will strengthen the Irken military campaign on Meekrob with its riches.
1000px-Raxus Prime orbital facility

one of the last native space stations from the planet

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