Planet Ice

Planet Ice is the homeworld of the changeling race and the capital of the Planet Trade Organization.


Planet Ice is close in appearance to Earth except it is differently colored and slightly colder, with the sky always being dark.

King cold

King Cold.


Planet Ice's early history is shrouded in mystery, however it is known that the first leader of the planet was Chilled, who became leader due to the power he possesed and the fact that he melted the ice from the planet except for the polar ice caps. After Chilled was killed, King Cold took over and continued his father's legacy.


The capital city of Ice is known as Glace and is home to the three royal palaces: Frieza's palace, Cooler's palace, and the main royal palace of King Cold.

King Cold's palace


The Planet Trade Organization was founded on Ice and is a pirate company that conqueres planets and sells them to the highest bidder.


The technology of the PTO and Ice is highly advanced and even beneficial to the actual planet. The lights emitted from the planet (see top picture) not only surround the palace but light the whole planet.


The only inhabitants of the planet are the Changelings, a powerful race who's loosely affiliated with the Irken Empire.

Additional InformationEdit

Planet Ice is off limits for invaders to conquer due to the Planet Trade-Irken treaty which states that all planets marked for conquest by the Irken military cannot be taken in exchange for the Planet Trade's planets being left alone until sold. Has been destroyed along with 97% of its inhabitants.

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