Irken Empire Wiki

Planet Fortious is a fortified war planet, that was territory of the Irken Empire and was used as a planet for testing Irken super-weapons. Ever since the planets’ use for all those tests, it has been forgotten, until the planet was taken over by the Florpians, a race of bipedal war spiders, with 2 legs, 98 arms, and were at least 13 feet tall. Planet Fortious has since been re-taken by the Irkens, since Invader Pok had conquered the planet for the Irkens again

Planet Fortious was also a mining planet for the Irken empire when the empire was in its infancy. The Irkens mined the all the planets’ metals out, to make ships for the Armada.

Planet Fortious before the Irken conversion

Planet Fortious after conversion from the Irkens

Zim once landed on Planet Fortious to take it back for the Irkens, to get the Tallest to give Zim a Shuvver, a powerful ship in the Irken Armada. However, Zim got eaten, and then vomited out of a Florpian. Only to get bombarded with Artillery, and Blasted off the planet with a sand-powered cannon. Zim came back, and spit on a Florpian, only to cause a mass-extinction from the things in Zim’s saliva, only leaving 500 Florpians left, out of 800,000,000 of them.

Planet Fortious since been renamed by the Irkens to Planet Pok, in honor of Invader Pok, who took the planet back for the Irkens.