Planet Flarggrah is a black foggy planet covered in grey deserts. It's atmosphere is very thick and stormy. 

It was conquered in 2005(Irk time) by Invader Nen ,and is used as a weapons factory planet. 


Planet Flargggrah is a black planet with a thick atmosphere,thin white rings made of white crystals,grey skies,5 moons,and one chunk missing on it's left side. It is unknown how the planet was damaged. 

From space,most of Flargggrah's surface is blinded by grey and white clouds and storms. 

Most of the factories on the planet are underground,due the planet's awful weather. 


It's inhabitants are fat,mindless grey blobs with 4 stubby legs and 3 long tenetacle like arms ending in 6 chubby fingers. They have 8 black shiny eyes and wide,large mouths filled with huge flat teeth.  They have no visible nostrils,and do not have hair. 

The blobs were an incredibly boring race that lived in primitive cities filled with midevil-esque stone buildings. Their culture is usually very dull and uninteresting to other species. Strangely,their main form of humor is made up of puns and corny horrible jokes.  They are now used as slaves.


The planet's days last 5 Earth days. 


  • This planet is known for it's rare snack machines. 
  • Strangely,the Irkens had no problem enslaving the Blob people,because they didn't really care. 
  • The Blobs actually enjoy being enslaved and usually behave,so Irkens rarely have to torture them.
  • The planet got it's name from the invader grunting in anger while experiencing intense boredom. 
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