That stare! That HORRIBLE stare!-Invader Tilex Planet Dot Dot Dot, also know as Planet ..., is a planet inhabitated by humaniod fish people. These people do nothing but stare at each other all day long, and occasionally pass around pointless messages saying "Um..." So..." or just "...".

The Dotians do not have to stop to sleep or eat, as they photosythesize energy. They have no civilazation whatsover, as all they do is stare at each other, leading some to question their sentience.


The Dotians have three laws, which are:

1: "..."

2: "..."

3: "..."

The laws are told in quotes.

Involvment with the Irken Empire

Every Irken Invader who was ever assigned to this planet outright refused to go. Most Irkens are either terrified or angered by this planet's silence.

Trivia of Doom

The name Planet Dot Dot Dot is not official. It was named by an Invader who took a wrong turn and crashlanded on the planet.

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