Tak on Planet Dirt

Planet Dirt is one of the many planets part of the Irken Empire. Not much information is known about it. If it’s a natural planet at all that was conquered by the Irken race or a giant sphere entirely made up of garbage that grew into a huge size capable of sustaining an atmosphere, it has a surface that is completely covered in garbage. Dirt was probably at one time a very different planet with another name if it was a natural planet that was capable of sustaining life on it at one point. Dirt may not have any indigenous life forms as none are ever seen or spoken of. Tak was sent here as a janitor after missing eligibility for testing to be an Invader. The planet Dirt is probably a destination for misplaced Irkens who can not be sorted jobs like Tak for example after her training session was disrupted by the blackout on Devastis the Control Brain said she would have to wait another seventy years to redo the test again. Meanwhile, she was placed on janitorial squad on Planet Dirt. The planet could also possibly be used as a place of banishment as well for law breakers in Irken society.

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