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Planet Clorx.

"It's quite the planet. Much better than your ugly, stinky planet."  -Emperor Maximum describing Planet Clorx to Dib

Planet Clorx is the planet home to the imperious Clorxian Race.


Clorx is lead by Emperor Maximum and his wife, Rihnaria. They have a daughter named Marnika and two servants named Metro and Martrid who are indeed, imbisles. Marnika has an EXTREMLY annoying singing voice.

Surface and Atmosphere Edit

The planet is very rocky and sandy. It has rivers of water. The atmosphere is much similar to Earth though a Human would not survive on this planet because of the air. Though the atmosphere is much like Earth's, Clorx's sky is orange.


Clorx's history is very crazy. It has a lot of war and defeat.

The Clorxian-Darntestian WarEdit

The Clorxian Darntestian War is a war that broke out between the Clorxians and the Darntestians. The Clorxians won the war.

The Irken-Clorxian WarEdit

The Irken-Clorxian War is a war which happened when the Clorxians attempted to conquer Irk. This war ended when the Vasatox interrupted. The two empires worked together to defeat them. They became allies. End of story. 

Invader Vile on Clorx.

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