Blorch from Orbit, with the Irken Armada approaching.

Planet Blorch was once home to the Slaughtering Rat People, and was the first planet to fall to Operation Impending Doom II.

Notably, Invader Larb was originally meant to be the Invader sent to this planet, but his increased height changed saw him reassigned to Vort. Instead, Invader Skoodge was sent, and against the Tallest's expectations he saw Blorch conquered beneath his feet...

Though he did get shot out of a cannon to what was his death to initiate the organic sweep.

He's okay now.

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A mountain on Blorch, near strange pink rivers.

From what was displayed in the few shots of Blorch during Battle of the Planets, Blorch appeared to be barren. Very, very barren, as well as purple, the world ran with strange pink rivers that were likely toxic to most life, and had little in the way of visible flora and fauna other than the Slaughtering Rat People, some grass or weeds, and some bunnies.

The little that was seen of Blorch's skies revealed that it seemed to be tinted dark purple, despite the light of day that was presumably shining, suggesting a thick atmosphere with strange components. Clouds were present, but not very visible from orbit.

Now it's likely much more barren, following the organic sweep that wiped all life from the planet and burned the Irken Insignia into it's crust, and is likely well into it's reconstruction as a planet-sized Parking Structure. This suggests that Blorch was strategically located, or Almighty Tallest Red lacks creativity.

Blorch has at least two moons, as well as a planetary ring.



Purple rocks, rat people, weeds, and a bunny.

There were only two species of animals seen to be living on Blorch.

The first and presumably non-sentient was an unknown type of bunny, likely preyed upon by the rat people for food.

The second and presumably sentient were the Slaughtering Rat People, of which no other official name is known. Presumably the dominant race on the world, they likely lived in tribes or packs, and appeared to be capable of at least constructing stone shelters and creating light sources. With their reputation and name, they were almost certainly savage and feral creatures.

Both are almost certainly extinct now.

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