"We ran out of name ideas"-After the planet was conqueredEdit


Planet Blizzard is a high gravity ice world used to make frozen treats and cold snacks. It was conquered in 2006(Irken Time),by Invader Groot . Planet Blizzard used to be inhabitated by horrible,primitive 3 eyed furry beasts that resembled the combination of a polar bear,a slug,and leech,and a monkey.


Blizzard is a large planet covered in glaciers,tundras,and icy wastelands. It's atmosphere is very thick,and it's skies are light blue. The planet has 6 moons and is at the edge of it's star's habital zone.

Grey domed shaped factories and bases fill the planet's tundras and icy lands,most of these buildings go deep underground. 


Planet Blizzard orbits 1 orange dwarf star,and has 6 moons. Days on Blizzard are 4 Earth days long.  

It is located in the Garrull system,a few star systems away from Hobo 13 .


The inhabitants are known as the Blioogorgs. They resemble a horrible combination of a polar bear,a slug,lecch,and a monkey. They have two legs with 3 clawed toes,6 strong arms with 7 long multijointed fingers ending in hooked claws,a long spiky tail covered in brown fur,and white fur covering the rest of their body.

They also have a sideways bear like mouth surrounded by stubby mandible parts,they have two long pink tounges and sharp teeth. Blioogorgs have 4 compound eyes,most of them have either red or blue eyes. 

The Blioogorgs were an extremely primitive species that lived in tribes,they were savage,disgusting beasts that often fought one another for stupid reasons. 

Most of the Blioogorgs were killed,but some survive in exotic Zoos to be studied by Irken scientists.  


  • It is known to have the most delicious ice cream in the galaxy. 
  • This planet was conquered in only a few months. 
  • One of it's moons is a giant smoothie shop. 
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