Planet Blaarg is a planet inhabitated by the Blaargians, aliens obsessed with the word Blaarg. The Blaargians are basically humanoid squids. The planet is rather desert-like with little water.

Planet Blaarg


The Blaargians build their civilization by spying on different races, replicating their buildings, and applying the word Blaarg to them. Examples of these buildings include BlaargHut, BlaargDonalds, Blaarg's Donuts,  BlaargMart, and BlaargerKing.

The only resource found on the planet is an extremely sticky and moldable material called Blaarg. The material is found almost everywhere on the planet. The Blaargians use it for food, building, medicine.... well, everything. 

The Blaargians can be an extremely cruel race, or peaceful, depending on how someone uses the word Blaarg. The Blaargians hate anyone who refuses to use the word. That said, they're not that much peaceful towards races that do use it, considering onflict for "not saying it right" has occured.

Other inhabitatants Edit

Glorps Edit

The Glorps are brown, fish like creatures. Though they can walk on land, they must  dip themselves in water 3 times a day to survive, otherwise their skin will melt off. As such, they are only found near Blaargian lakes.

Gliffers Edit

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A Gliffer is a race of bipedal cat sized herbivores, with tentacles used for grabbing food or mating. 

Involvment with other races Edit

Since obviously other races will not say the word Blaarg, the Blaargians have several enemies. As per result, almost all races they end up contacting hate them, to the point where the Irkens only decided to conqeur them becuase they were incredibly annoyed by them.


Planet Blaarg became a host to the horrible thinking gas known as Polilinkqusk. Because of this, no ships are allowed to leave the planet, and if they are very important, they are scanned. Although said disease has faded, the Blaargians are still weary to let a non-Blaargian species on the planet.


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