Planet Arken,home of the filthy Alemus,a war torn planet put into a nuclear winter,and most of all,it is known for it's STUPID name!
— An Irken Commander,informing soldiers before a mission

Planet Arken(Also known as Planet Alemus),is the homeworld of the Alemus Race.

Alemus planet
Arken(Or Alemus)

Alemus Race





First Appearance

Dream Zone



Planet Arken used to be a lush, green planet. Unfortunately decades of nuclear war caused nuclear winter and horrible tectonic activity. 

It entered a long,lingering war with the Irken Empire in the Robloxia Invasion. However,their planet was not harmed in the war,due to the pathetic failure of the Robloxia Invasion.

It's current state is unknown.


Alemus culture is similar to human culture. However,the leader of the planet is often oppresive and tyranical. Their entertainment is usually filled with blatant propaganda.

Most of their population suffers from debt and economic problems,excluding the wealthy. There is also horrible famine and plauges that emerge on the planet from time to time. 

Also,unlike Earth,female Alemus have much less rights then males. 


  • The Alemus mostly get their supplies from their allies,due to the ruined state of their home. 
  • The Irken Empire no longer cares about the Alemus,and vice versa. 
  • Lurk used to have a strong hatred of them,but has since forgotten about them.
  • Zeerk hates the Alemus,along with Menami .
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