Planet ? is a planet where no one knows anything. If you tell or ask anything to anyone on Planet ?, the response you'll get is, "WUH?"  The smartest person on Planet ? is named SodumbImsmart the 2nd, and he figured out how to count to three. The observations of the planet were made by Invader Cowlord, who famously said, "The Armada isn't even required, in fact, it's even waste of our resources!" The Irkens have occupied the planet for 3 years, and yet none of its native species know.

Native speciesEdit

The native species don't know the irkens occupy their planet. They don't know that they're supposed to eat food, so instead they photosynthesize. A common misconception is that they are really dumb. In fact, it is not known how intelligent they are because whenever you ask them something they say, "WUH?".

Irken occupationEdit

The irkens sent an armada that they send to empty planets to put down bases. Whenever one of the animals came over, a guard would say, "no, no" and turn the animal around. Today Planet ? is an essential Irken manufacturing planet.

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