As Irk is beginning their moment of peace, Pandora's ruler, Nuc, found a way she can defeat Irk. She, along with Lex and her military force, went to the X-cruiser and traveled five months to Irk. Without exceptions from the irkens, the military force ran out of the X-cruiser and charged at the irkens with their spears and guns. Irk was losing many of their civilians, Almighty Tallest Zim declared war on Pandora. The end resulted that Nuc captured Almighty Tallest Zim and Tak, which is revealed without them, Irk is nothing. She took over Irk, enslaved the irkens, released the enslaved alien species, banish Zim and Tak to a random planet, and name herself and Lex as the Tallests of Irk. When Zim and Tak were banished, they reached to Planet Earth again. That is where they found Um and It, still in Earth. They tell them what happened back at Irk and tell them to go back to Irk. It was days and months but they were done with their brand new Massive. This leads up to the Season five finale in Irken Conquest and possibly the series finale.

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