Pandora is an advanced planet that have many similarities to Irk. It's current ruler is irken defective Nuc. It is home to many refugees whos planet have been conquered by Irk such as vortians and screwheads. The founding of Pandora is currently unknown. But the founder might have accidentally discover it after fleeing.


7000 B.C- A alien group by the name of the callad, start roaming around Pandora

5000 B.C- The Callad started to disappear and lead to the planet to be untouch ever since until 1780

1780- Discovery of Pandora

1790- Birth of Nuc

1870- More refugees from planets begin to come to Pandora.

1890- Death of Almighty Tallest Miyuki and Spork causing Lex, a vortian scientist, to run away to Pandora.

1930- The first known ruler,Turk, rules

1945- Turk is murdered by Lex's drones. Lex is sentenced to life from the accident.

1945- Yout becames the next ruler.

1990- Yout was killed by Nuc in a battle. Next day, Nuc became the next ruler.

2001- Nuc releases Lex from prison, which leads to a huge controversy in Pandora.

2006- Lex bulids the X-cruiser and Nuc's new PAK.

2018- Nuc plots a way to rule Irk and free all slaves controlled by Irk.

List of Known RulersEdit

Turk- Deceased*

Yout- Deceased*

Nuc- Currently



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