The PUCRA (Phazon Utilization and Corruption Retardant Armor) is a recent technological development created through a collaboration between the Galactic Federation and Irken Empire, designed to aid those assigned to Nightmare Irk. The only one currently in existence has been custom-designed for Invader Meep

Appearance and PropertiesEdit

The PUCRA was based on the Phazon-powered PED suit created by the Galactic Federation for PED troopers and bounty hunters Ghor, Rundas, Gandrayda and Samus Aran. However, an added function is its ability to slow down the process of Phazon corruption from both internal and external forces, extending the process to over a month where it would take minutes. Also, its weaponry has been designed to work with all types of Phazon, including dark, mutant and light. 

Invader Meep's PUCRAEdit

The PUCRA, designed by Invader Meep, is black in color, with a cross-shaped light in the center of the chestplate. It does not have a helmet. The light on the chestplate indicates its wearer's corruption status (blue being normal, then turning green, yellow, orange, red and finally black as corruption progresses). If the light goes black, the wearer is entirely corrupted and beyond almost all hope. 

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