PALE was Dyke's SIR Unit, and the eventual ruler of the powerful Dyxkho Empire.


PALE is a Model 3 SIR unit with a furnace-powered mouth not unlike a Model 1. Unfortunately, whoever did the adjustment didn't install the sound system correctly, as PALE couldn't speak, and instead has to resort to mimery and charades, or a stick and sand. His armor is stark white, with purple eyes and purple shoulders. However, when he was made the ruler of the Dyxkho, the Dyxkho fixed PALE's sound system.


It is not known who made the adjustments to PALE in the first place, but nevertheless, Dyke found PALE deactivated in an alleyway near the restaurant he worked at first. When they were left on Planet Dot Dot Dot, PALE watched Dyke starve to death, and was taken into hospitality by a strange alien race known as the Dyxkho. Swearing vengeance upon the Irken Empire, he became the Dyxkho Emperor, and, with his help, the Dyxkho Empire became a powerful foe of the Irken Empire. It is possible that Xisenin was once his master, too.

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