"And careful at night..uh..there's been..uhh....rumors of..uhh....URRGGGGHHH.....BLOODLUST....fueled laser squids roaming around at so..uh..pretty stupid isn't should still be"-Krowlz Parsax,informing security guards about the faculty through a recorded message. 

Orphanage 3X6 is a vortian orphanage for young escaped slaves of the Irken Empire. 


The Orphanage has three levels:

Living Quarters-this is the 2nd level of the orphanage. It holds hundreds of rooms and bedrooms for all of residents and orphanages. It is a gigantic area with tons of hallways and floors. It houses the orphanage bedrooms,the mess hall,boiler rooms,toy rooms,etc. On the 20th floor,there are three gigantic steel doors that lead the to "cellar".

Whenever an orphan is adopted,they are taken to the 1st door to meet their new caretakers,and are never seen again. When an orphan is badly sick,they are escourted to the 2nd door to recieve medical help. Usually none of them survive due to "poor medical equipment and low funds".

When an orphan does something bad or breaks an important rule,they are taken to the third door. It is stated that the third door leads to a special ship,where they are taken to a strict prison academy for "discipline". These orphans never seem to come back,and are never mentioned again.

The Office-This is the 1st level,it is a huge area of countless office spaces and rooms. The main entrance of the building is also here. These offices are usually filled with tons of strange humanoid aliens. These aliens resemble "grey" aliens and take care of most of the maintenance in the facility.

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