Two test results, Anj and Myu, are born from M7U-4NJ.

Operation Genesis was an Irken experiment. The point of the experiment was to test how different Irkens who share the same DNA can be from each other depending on how much variety is put into it and their PAKs. Coincedentally, female DNA was used for almost all the subjects, save for Jame (although Jame is sometimes mistaken for a female).



This led to the birth of Myu and Anj. The experiment was successful; when a little negative DNA and a miscode in Myu's PAK was added to Myu, it caused a lot of variety between her and her sister.


This created Invader Kate and Invader Sade. This experiment failed; the twins became nearly perfectly alike due to their alike PAKs.


This experiment made Jezz and Jame. The two were defective, and would have been killed if they didn't escape. They were not evaluated because both were highly emotionally defective (not as defective as Krom, but far more defective than Myu).


The Irken scientists have concluded that Irken variety depends mostly on the PAK. Kate and Sade's identically programmed PAKs made them have more variety than Myu and Anj. Jezz and Jame likely had corrupted PAKs, which made them act way different from other test subjects, and therefore making them uncontrolled variables.

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