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The unnamed planet from which clean sweep may take place.


Fellow Irkens! This is Emperor Vis speaking!

It is my solemn duty to inform those who will read this that despite the many planets we have conquered, our collective enemies are planning to stage a massive counterattack by destroying our home planet! In retaliation due to our unfortunate lack of recources to defend Irk, scientists have proposed a solution: Operation: Clean Sweep. What is operation clean sweep? Good question. Operation Clean Sweep is the cosmic reset button, it will reset everything so as to protect our planet from annihilation. While it is unorthodox we are allowing Irkens to decide wether or not they think it best to do this, below are the pros and cons to this proposal.


Safety is 100% garunteed!

Our planet is saved!

Lack of Irken deaths!

Our enemies will cease to exist!

95.2% chance we will be able to retain our technology and rule the universe!

It won't be issued on Irk!

Our allies and barriers for conquest will also cease to exist!

We won't be destroyed!

We won't lose the war!


universal history will be reset

some past events may never happen

our allies will cease to exist

the universe will be VERY different

27.1% chance humans wont exist

2% chance we will lose our conquered planets

And so in order to ensure the tranquility and continuing stability of our people I and the control brains have decided to let the people choose the best action.

So my fellow irkens i leave you with this decision but make haste as voting will end in 3 days!

Emperor Vis signing off


Operation: Clean Sweep
General Information
Previous Event

The battle of Planet Mentio

Next Event

The battle of Entoich

Time it happened


Characters Invovled

Emperor Vis, Zim, Krenzo, Tak, Dusq, Nightmare Tak, The Daleks, Nightmare Zara.

Where It Took Place

Planet Mentio

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