Map of the Visible Multiverse concept art

This is a map of the visible multiverse, detailing what universes are most at risk of being torn apart by rifts.

Omniversal Collapse is what happens when the Omniverse begins to collapse. Despite its name, it seems to be only affecting the Z-Multiverse, for now.  

The very fabric of time and space begins to rip slowly, creating "holes" or rifts


There are no known records of Omniversal Collapse happening in the past,it is unknown how it started in the present.


If the Omniversal collapse is not fixed, more and more portals will open, until other universes and dimensions start to crash into each other or fuse. Soon time itself will start to distort, and finally all of reality will collapse (It is unknown if it affects the ENTIRE Omniverse, or a large percent of it.) It is unknown what will happen beyond this point because the Omniverse has never fully collapsed. Portals can last for a few minutes or several years, depending on how stable they are. Omniversal Collapse is expected to happen in approximately 100,000,000,000,000 years, according to it's current state. It could happen faster because of certain disasters or events, involving time and space. 

Multiversal CollaspeEdit

Multiversal collaspe is similar to Omniversal collaspe, but on a smaller scale. It happens when a group of universes are damaged or destroyed by cosmic disasters or by altering reality and time.


Omniversal collapse can result from huge cosmic disasters or greatly tampering with reality.

Involvement with DusqEdit

In ancient legends,it is said that once Dusq gains true power, all of reality will collapse much faster. It is also said that Dusq will destroy and devour every reality except for Nightmare Irk, allowing the Nightmare irkens to rule all of what's left of reality.


It is unknown how Omniversal Collaspe could be stopped. There are several unproven theories of to solve it. Some of these theories say it could be prevented with super advanced god tier technology,or in lesser known theories, powerful magic. The latter is mostly doubted,however. 

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