This is a rare shot thorn took of the Nyan Cat nebula (Nyannicatica)

3d-pixel-art-voxel pop-tart-nyan-cat-kat-450x337

The thing that annoys Thorn the most are the miniature nyannicaticas made by the residents of nyannicatica.

Yes, yes. Nyannicatica is shaped like a poptart and a cat had babies that pooted rainbows, but that's beside the point. Nyannicatica is currently marked for Invader THORN's conquest. The Nyan people do not like her and keep throwing toaster pastries at her. The Nyannicaticans are a somewhat disturbing people, seeing that they worship a freaky cat thing.

The Nyannicaticans are seriously starting to annoy Thorn.


The language spoken on nyannicatica is nyan. what is nyan, you may ask? Well, "Nyan, nyan, nynynyan..." would mean "Hi. How are you?" in Nyan.

The Nyanese language consists of one word: Nyan. How you use it, however, changes everything.

The nyan's planet is really their mom.

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