Nuc is an former Irken Elite who was punished for destroying most of Devastis. She was sentenced to 20 Irken years in the Foodcourtia. She escaped to Pandora and vowed to destroy Irk when she get the chance to. Like Zim, she is a Irken Defect. She is 10 earth years before Zim.

Before Punishment & Currently At Edit

Nuc's PAK was made of 50,000,000 errors. She attended to a school where she found it to be boring, so she decided to seek out of class. She escaped but was spotted by Almighty Tallest Miyuki and she kicked her off the school. No Irken don't know how she became an Irken Elite. During her mission, she decided to used a Maimbot for destruction but she did not realized she was actually destroy Devastis until she got out. For her punishment, she served as a food service drone in Shloogorgh's flavor monster, owned by Shloogorgh himself. She decided to escaped it when she felt like that she hates Irk in the bottom of her heart. She escaped to Pandora, where she killed Pandora's leader and declared herself the new leader of Pandora.

Relationships Edit

Lex-She looks up to Lex as her savior and a best friend rather than a Pandora engineer and scientists.

Zim- She never met Zim before, but she hopes he betrays Irk and join her for to destroy Irk and the entire universe.

Almighty Tallest- She views them as selfish pigs who are trying to ruin the universe with their snacks.

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