Nio is a young Serpentian male living on Serpentia. He is the arch nemisis of Invader Myu.

Nio's appearance as reported by Myu.


Nio was apparently hatched during The Great Poisoning, causing the defect that made his wings extremely tiny. Because of his little wings, he is shunned among Serpentians. However, Nio is actually a genius and a satisfactory soldier. He was rejected by the biased Serpent Force because of his small wings.

Nio has an obsession with the Irken Empire, which has caused him trauma since birth (the Poisoning was caused by the Irken attack) and is just plain "evil" to him. He has studied Irken techniques so long he can see through nearly any Irken disguise...including Myu. Thus began his and Myu's animosity.



Nio is the obvious antagonist to Myu. He constantly tries to lock her in Serpentian prison, but she is undetected by anyone else, leaving no one to believe him.


Nio is suspicious of Mika helping Myu, and Mika hates Nio for that.


BUNS thinks Nio is pathetic.


  • Nio's name comes from the Japanese word for smell.
  • Nio is reminiscent of Dib in many ways.
    • Both are above normal intelligence for their species.
    • Both are a running gag (Nio's small wings are comparible to Dib's big head).
    • Both have animosity with an Irken invader, and are the only ones who care the one is an alien.
    • Both are somewhat antisocial.
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