Nightmare Vira is the Nightmare counterpart of Vira.


Nightmare Vira was born at exactly the same time as Vira. She is twice as evil, but shares the job of an assassin and the desire to kill. She wishes that she could rule the Nightmare Dimension instead of Nightmare Tak, but heard what happened to Nightmare Ark after she tried to overthrow her, and remained a loyal member of the Nightmare Irken Empire.


Nightmare Vira is cruel, evil, and brilliant. She hates most people she meets, but is capable of friendship and likes a few people.


Nightmare Ark- Nightmare Vira looks up to Nightmare Ark, and helps her with anything she can.

Vira- Nightmare Vira wants to kill Vira. They are mortal enemies.

Invader Ark- Nightmare Vira and Ark are enemies.

Nightmare Fury- Nightmare Vira and Nightmare Fury are the best of friends.

Nightmare Comatose- Since Nightmare Ark pretty much hates everyone, Nightmare Vira employed Nightmare Comatose. They are friends.

Nightmare Tak- Nightmare Vira hates Nightmare Tak, but stays loyal to her so she won't be exiled.

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