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Nightmare Tak is the Nightmare Dimension counterpart of Tak.


Nightmare Tak has red eyes, a black outfit, and crumbled antenae. She has red boots, and black pants.

Facts of Doom[]

  • If Nightmare Tak was a real character in Invader ZIM, she would sound like Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


"If you hesitate to obey me in any way, I will not hesitate to destroy you." - When giving an announcement to her new crew

"Light become darkness, day become night, as the plates of the earth shake to my might!" - When she uses the earthquake spell

"I prefer to torture rather than just kill."


Antonio - Antonio is somewhat obedient to Nightmare Tak. She made him general of the Irken Rebellion.

Schmoob - She sees Schmoob as a filthy peasant. Vax hates her for this since Schmoob is like a son to him.

Nightmare Mep - Nightmare Tak decides to be not that scary to Nightmare Mep for she like to have there be at least one Nightmare counterpart who isn't afraid of her. Though sometimes she decides to be very scary to him if he really deserves it.

Nightmare Zyl - She is possibly the only thing that could scare Nightmare Zyl. They showed respect for each other until Nightmare Zyl's death. However, Nightmare Zyl was merely pretending to respect her, and really despised her and planned to overthrow her, which Nightmare Clod would later take further into effect.

Nightmare Vex - She thinks his calm nature is childish.


She can also absorb a huge amount of electricity, and can manifest it as a sword or other weapons, which is her special power. She also has telekinesis.