The Nightmare 777 Portal is a prototype portal,created by the Nightmare Irkens


The portal is a metallic ring with a platform attached to it's bottom. A wedge shaped walkway is attached to the platform. The ring is connected to it's control console by hundreds of wires and cords. The portal also has light blue colored lights on it's ring. However,some previous versions have red or orange lights.


The portal is used to open a gateway between the Nightmare Dimension and other dimensions. It does this by opening a pathway between itself and any stable rifts in any dimensions stored in it's data. Once it connects itself to a rift,it completely stabilizes it temporarily,closing it. 


The Nightmare Portal runs on energy provided by tesseract cubes,and various other sources of energy. It also feeds off energy from the rifts it connects itself to. 


The Nightmare Portal is usually activated by a control panel of some sort,or a few simple buttons. Once it activates,a ball of light appears in the middle of it's ring,and transforms into a portal. 


Final VersionEdit

An final,larger version of the portal was created. It is known as the "NIGHTMARE-X345 PORTAL ". It appears in A Dark Apotheosis (Part 1). This version is much more stable and complicated. 


  • When it malfunctions,it seems to distort gravity and time. It also rapidly switches locations randomly. 
  • It emits electricity in random directions when it malfunctions. 
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