"DON'T MAKE ME USE MY SC*voice repeats*-SC-SC-Scythe!"-Nightmare Lurk

Nightmare Lurk is drastically different from his counterpart, Lurk.


Not much of Nightmare Lurk's history is known. He had his vocal cords torn out some time in the past, but how they were torn out is unknown. He has amnesia and lurks around in an old space station. He uses it as his primary base.


Nightmare Lurk,unlike his counterpart,is much less insane and is more cocky and prideful.

He often compliments himself and is delusional. He also seems to be extremely gulliable. 

Nightmare Lurk also seems to very mentally unstable,and tends to go into an insane fit if any important plan of his fails. He also seems to be very impatient,and hates wasting time.

His voice is emanated from an electronic voice box in his throat. His vocal cords were torn out for some reason in the past. Sometimes his voice box glitches, repeats words, and makes electronic noises.


Anti LIR-Nightmare Lurk likes him,but usually toys with him for his own amusement.

Menami-He thinks she's pretty and often flirts with her.

Zik-Hates his guts.

Isosceles-He is intriguied with his abilities and powers. Although,he is often greatly disturbed by him and fears him deep down.

Vax-Hates him for unknown reasons. He plans to steal his time travel technology.

Lurk-Nightmare Lurk extremely hates him and finds him annoying. He sees him as an inferior copy of himself that needs to be eliminated. Although,he is fascinated by his knowledge of the multiverse and wants to take advantage of that. He plans to manipulate him for his own purposes.

Zathar the Irken experiment-Nightmare Lurk sees him as a loyal henchman that obeys his every command..usually. He often finds him annoying however.

Tilex-Nightmare Lurk views him as a worthy soldier and henchmen.


Nightmare Lurk has a cloaking disguise generator implanted in his hand. He can use it to cloak into different Irkens.

It has a weakness, though; water. It causes the disguise' cloaking system to malfunction. 


Nightmare Lurk has a red striped uniform with many tears in it, a grey spotted PAK with cracks in it, black boots and gloves, a dark grey scar above his eye, yellow eyes, and normal Irken antennae. He also possess an advanced laser scythe. The blade glows pink and can cut through steel.

The Power of the ElementsEdit

Like his counterpart, Nightmare Lurk has the power of an element, but he only has the power of electricity. He can short out all kinds of tech by shooting electricity from his hands. It is unknown how he got this power. He uses this power to punish Anti-LIR for doing something wrong.


Nightmare Lurk has 7,000,000,000,000 clones of himself all over the Nightmare Dimension, similar to his counterpart but with a larger number.

Most of these clones are all diffirent in many ways. One can be grumpy and mean spirited, and one could be nice and cheery. Even the physical appearances of the clones can vary. Since Nightmare Lurk has amnesia, he doesn't know where they came from.


"LIR! GEt b-back to your chair! We're going to EAT SOME WAFFLESFFHGFHVHBHJHJ!"

Anti-LIR: "waffles are not good to me! I would like some tasty meat."

"YAAAAAYYYYYY LETS KILL THE LITTLE IRKEN-B-buunnies z-129 999force.*eletronic noises*"


"Why doesn't Fionn-89787677776forceherhHURRRRGHHHHHH-love me?"

"Hey? Why is it all of us Nightmare Irkens are just named after our counterparts but with the word "Nightmare" before our names? I've always wondered that."

Horrible facts from the evil Dimension of DoomEdit

  • When Nightmare Lurk's voicebox glitches, it does this in a similar way to the Grox's voice from SPORE.
  • Nightmare Lurk has random spaz attacks from time to time.
  • Nightmare Lurk hates cookies.
  • Nightmare Lurk can call some of his clones whenever he needs to with a communications panel in his base.
  • Nightmare Lurk hates Nightmare Earth and is afraid of the mere mention of Dusq.
  • He plans to overthrow the Nightmare Irken Empire,Knox's forces,and the Irken Empire.
  • His real name is Tark-Cov,but does not remember it. 
  • Unwanted Houseguest - Max Repka Remix

    Unwanted Houseguest - Max Repka Remix

    Nightmare Lurk's spooky theme

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