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This RP Has Been Moved To: Irken Conquest:Season Four


Schmoob finds a beautiful paradise planet and gives it to Menami and Zik for their anniversary. Unfortunately,Draxx and Yarp follow them in a ship out of boredom. Meanwhile,a jealous Nightmare Schmoob and a vengeful De-sueified Zathar plot to kill them.


  • Mysteriousjillguy
  • One day on Planet Ploox*
  • 10:52LIRLIR( ooh rp )
  • 10:56MysteriousjillguySchmoob: :I *Bobbing head right and left,spazzing arms and walking over a hill*
  • 10:57Invader Jib(i thought he was in the Pyscho bin)
  • 10:57Mysteriousjillguy( OH WAIT-
  • ( hghgf
  • ( NVm that part though
  • 10:57LIRLIR( *waits as the orthodontist device in jaw induces a slight ache as it pushes lower jaw forward* )
  • 10:58Mysteriousjillguy( I guess Schmoob sent them the coordinates to the planet while in the bin..on a letter..or something
  • ( Nvm about that part then
  • 10:58YourFavoriteFangirl(Ok :u
  • (So I guess they're already on it?
  • 10:59Mysteriousjillguy( Yeh
  • N.Schmoob:*nearby*
  • N.Schmoob:Uh oh. Gatta juice.
  • 11:00Ametrineskies(*confused* ouo
  • 11:00Mysteriousjillguy
  • N.Schmoob bobs his head left and right while spazzing his arms and walking on his tiptoes*
  • N.Schmoob jumps headfirst into a pink,fuzzy bush,his body flails like a ragdoll*