The Nezuki Freighter, Also known as the FR8R-GP70 Is a veichle that was transporting high energy compounds back to a military outpost on Devastis. The crew consited of several aliens of the Nezuki Species. They had been payed by the Irken Military to return the substances. While on the voyage back to Devastis they found themself lost after being on track for some time. With Devastis in sight. They had lost signal contact and were now years away from the destination. After that the ship soon lost power. But was able to use the backup fule cells to send one last dissrest call to the Irken Military. This have led them to decide to send a team of crew in response to this event, and to be able to get some evaultion for the 856-1CB Anomaly. This decison was also decided in a meeting about this event.

It was the event that caused this however. Somehow bringing the ship over by unknown means and locking it in place, sending out a blast from the apex. That was more of an electrical storm. It shut off the ships engines and life support. It is now currently infected with the OG-ZETA 'Virus' which is yet another biproduct of 856-1CB. The current status of the crew is presumed dead as the life support was deactivated, and the substance has been known to feed on organic matter.

Big Giant Circles - There Came An Echo Theme (2015)

Big Giant Circles - There Came An Echo Theme (2015)

The Ship's Theme.

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