Invader Nex

More dual blade

Nex's babies


19. (in Irken years)


Purple and grey Invader's uniform with black gloves and boots and dark grey leggings.


Similer to Xenathu's, but worse; she speaks her mind while rarely considering other's feelings, is uncaring, short tempered, and can be impationt at times. She can also be kinda depressed somtimes and maybe even a little heartfelt.


It can be difficult to tell Nex and Xen apart, but one thing that stands out is the color patarn on their PAKs and Nex's slightly curled antena.

Favorite snackEdit

Sunflower seeds. Xen prefers chewy snacks, (candy bars, tafy, ect.) but Nex prefers crunchy (chips, popcorn, ect.).


Xen: friends(?) Even though she acts mean to Xen sometimes, she knows deep down, she cares. 

Yuen: She's kind of annoyed by him.

Nightmare Vax: Acquaintances.

Nightmare Tak: Frienemies, but she's still loyal to her.

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