The Nepuvire are an organization of multiple species that are obsessed with knowledge and technology. In their organization's language, or Nepu (which is simply ROT13), Nepuvire means "Archiver".


Barf Jub GnyxEdit

In Nepu, Barf Jub Gynx means "Ones Who Talk". Obviously, they are known for their native language, which is fluent Leetspeak.

Barf Jub Gnyx are very sloppy. They wear grimy cloaks covered in wires, electronics, sewn-on buttons featuring words, and stains, and they have three arms: Two knobby organic arms tipped with two muscular hydrostatic fingers, which they flail about constantly. Their third arm is seemingly artificial and mounted on their back. When asked about why they have them, they say it is for "Swag". At the bottom of their cloaks are four stubby legs, and at the top, a head covered in metal plates and knobs, with two large eyes, and headphones seemingly attached permanently to their heads. They have jaws that can open freakishly wide.


Oyrnpuzbecure, or Bleachmorpher in Nepu, are amorphous soft blobs with the color of bleach. Their anatomy consists of large cells made of layers of a bizarre, soft, and rubbery material. Inside each cell is nothing but a powdery substance that, when vacuum packed, makes the cell rock hard, but if they contain air, they become soft and flexible, as well as a large, hollow center for holding air for assisting in motion and other things. They often take the form of large worms, however, they can deform their shape at will. Oyrnpuzbecure are actually prisoners of the Barf Jub Gnyx, and are forced to eat people and sap the knowledge out of their brains. Tension between the Oyrnpuzbecure and Barf Jub Gnyx is rising. They actually move by vacuum-packing specific cells, forcing the air in the center to extend the softer cells outward. This technique can be used to achieve peristaltic locomotion.

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