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Nayi Verthon
Homeworld Veyu.
Age  ??? - Unknown.
Race Coron.
Gender Female.
Eye Color White.
Affiliation(s)  ???
Notable facts Mother of Mario, wife of Vok.
First appearance N/A

The mother of Mario Verthon and wife of Vok Verthon. Nayi is a rather kindhearted Coron, if currently absent from her family's respective lives.

Biography Edit

N/A, page incomplete! Blame Mario and Cravitus.

Appearance and Equipment of Note Edit

Physical Edit

Standing at about 6'8" in her Irken form, Nayi is rather tall among them. Distinct in her rather white eyes, she also possesses a slim figure and long antennae, ending in small curls.

Oddly enough, she seems to lack a PAK.

Clothing Edit

Commonly, Nayi can be found in more civil garb than her husband. Wearing a three-tone set of tall boots with a white, sleeveless dress reminiscent of a labcoat, her clothes typically go white-grey-dark grey.

Often, she wears grey arm warmers, and fingerless gloves with them.

Notably, she wears a belt around her midsection, and the two halves of her dress are usually a bit disheveled and uneven below that. Her dress also has a blank nametag, oddly enough.

Below this, it's generally assumed that she wears some type of undergarment, such as a sleeveless Irken jumpsuit.

Personality Edit

N/A, page incomplete!

In short, Mario says Menami plus Undertale's Toriel.

Notable Relationships Edit

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Facts of Doom Edit

  • N/A, page incomplete!
  • Nayi's original personality boils down to Menami and Undertale's Toriel, known also as 'Goat Mom.'
  • The presence of mammaries/breasts on Nayi's Irken form can be justified by how she is actually a Coron.
  • Cravitus and Mario designed Nayi's current appearance; Cravitus drew the first picture of her.
  • Cravitus originally created this page.

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