NT-001 was King Nark's main technician before The Battle of Nark, and the alternate dimensional version of Invader Vex. NT-001's name stands for "Nark Technician Number One" although he despises when people refer to him as such. When Nark took over his version of Irk, NT-001, called Vex at the time, was part of a resistance force against Nark that fell shortly after the conquest of Irk. Vex was captured and enslaved by Nark.

When King Nark opened a portal to Z-14 to conquer it, NT-001 and Prisoner-317 led a secret resistance to kill Nark, and eventually succeded. For a brief moment, all the pain Nark put into NT-001 was released, and he went insane for about a month following. He did recover, and is more like his old self than ever.

NT-001, who now goes by Vex again, lived in Invader Vex's Laboratory for several months before leaving in a stolen Flash Runner after learning that his current-dimensional counterpart had, in theory, died, and left for parts unknown. He is currently in search of a way to return to his dimension partly using the mechanisms in the stolen ship. He is rumored to have been seen in areas around the Vraalskrith border, a region full of unexplored or unmapped areas.


NT-001 looked much like Invader Vex before Nark's conquest, but without his implant or any other fancy gadgets. During his final attack against Nark's forces, NT-001's eye was shot by a glancing laser bolt and his arm was cut off by Nark himself in the aftermath. After working for a few months for Nark, NT-001 tried to escape King Nark's palace but was caught by the guards. As punishment, NT-001's legs were cut off. With some work, he was able to find enough spare parts to create a hovering piece with which he could mount his torso on in order to move. NT-001 wears a scientist's cloak with Nark's emblem on it, has mangled antennae, one blue eye and one mechanical one, a mechanical arm, and a saucer shaped hovercraft in place of legs. After much torture, his face is pale and scarred. NT-001's hovercraft component has been greatly improved since the Battle of Nark and now includes many scanner arrays, storage compartments, and weapons.


NT-001 is timid and shy a trait resulting from years of being forced to work for Nark, being tortured almost daily, and being made to invent horrible weapons to even further Nark's rule. He used to have quite the same personality as Invader Vex, but after the War of Irk in which Nark took over, he changed drastically. However, NT-001 is still quite smart and resourceful, and even helped LIR, Lurk, and Invader Vax escape the Nark Dimension. NT-001 will occasionally regain some courage in extreme situations, and the more time he spends in Z-14, the more like his old self he becomes.

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