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nij monkey form


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Nij is Kat's robot. Nij is a very intelligent robot who likes pancakes and cherry poop. Nij dresses up like GIR to spy on Zim. Nij likes Dib better than Zim. Nij usually hangs out at night clubs, dancing like there's no tomorrow. Poop and pancakes are what Nij mostly eats. Nij likes helping Dib so he can stop Zim's evil plan to take over the world. Nij can't help but laugh when Zim fails. Kat yells at him for messing with Zim. Nij is about as tall as GIR. Nij is the playful kind that loves video games. Nij has a star mark like Kat. How can you not love this cutie. Nij hates getting wet because it makes him all rusty. Nij is a shy little robot. Nij's disguise is a monkey.
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kat nij's boss

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