Murrsk is a strange,insane irken that resides in the looney bin


Murrsk's history is unknown. However,he seems to be experienced with military technology and knows many things about the looney bin planet. Suggesting that he was once in the military,and has been in the loony bin for a long time. 


Murrsk wears a grey mask with unknown devices attached to it,along with 3 long radio antennae that stick out of the back of his head. The radio antennae is disguised with with 3 red ribbon knots and an old piece of tape with a smiley face drawn on it. The mask is also equipped with a computerized robotic voice for him to speak. 

He also wears a metallic grey helmet attached to his mask. The helmet also has 3 grey tubes attached to his neck,it is unknown why. 

Murrsk wears a standard looney bin uniform 

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