Moodge 2 by Vex

Moodge was a dangerous Irken criminal, a killer, who was wanted for blowing up Parkinglotticus, and thus killing millions of Irkens and other alien species. Eventually, he was caught by the Irken Elite Corps, and Tallest Miyuki sentenced him to a life in Prisonia, and removed his eyes. However, Tallest Red and Tallest Purple visited him and gave him a new orange artificial eyes, a highly advanced Irken warsuit, and a targeting device. They also gave him one mission:

Kill Zim .


Moodge is an Albino Irken , an extremely rare species of Irken. They generally have pure white skin and dark grey eyes. However, despite their title, they do not lack pigment, and are quite resistent to sunlight.

He is a little more than half the height of the Tallests.

His suit is a very advanced piece of Irken Technology, containing Jet Pack Enhancements to his boots, shield generators within the shoulderpads, knock-out gas and hidden laser weapons in the gauntlets, and a last-resort self-explosive device within the PAK.

Moodge 001

Moodge with his armor.


Moodge, to put it simply, is cold-blooded and insane. He does not care who he kills, he just kills. But now that he has a mission to kill Zim, he will focus on only killing Zim, and maybe Dib along the way.

He is arrogant, and believes that he is the best at what he does, and will not let anybody stand in the way of his task.


AIM is Moodge's custom-built SIR Unit. The letters stand for Annilhator and Intelligence Machine. It disguises itself as a siamese cat.

Its weapons include grappeling ropes, plasma guns, and mini-rockets. Also, it can make food out of air.

AIM 001

AIM, Moodge's modified Model 3 SIR Unit.

Moodge RunnerEdit

The Moodge Runner is Moodge's personal ship. It is a heavily modified Spittle Runner, and was made by combining the previously metioned ship with a Ring Cutter.


Invader Vax: He holds a grudge againsts Vax, and does not like him very much.

Irken Elite Sev: Moodge respects Sev, and treats him like a friend.

Invader Zyl: Moodge thinks Zyl is the absolute most annoying thing in the entire universe.

Invader Xav: He absolutely despises her after their adventure in the past.

AIM: Moodge thinks AIM is a very capable SIR Unit, and is very good to him.

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