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With an egotistic and stupid personality like Zim, she is short-tempered and rarely listens to anyone.

Physical appearance[]

She has the typical green skin with ruby eyes a purple/dark blue Invader uniform. She's typically a female counterpart of Zim. She has L-shaped, curled-up antennae.

In her human disguise, she still keeps her green skin, and she wears violet contact lenses. Her Invader uniform is disguised as a purple dress with blue longsleeves, and her boots turn into navy converses.



She tortures him everytime she can which either ends up with Zim screaming in pain or unconscious, but secretly  loves him so like she always says she 'does it out of love'.


She doesn't really appreciate Dib's existance, and she tortures him. She does it for laughs and comedy.


She despises Tenn because Tenn beat her out to be the best Invader in Irken History, just because she was better than her. She wants to destroy Tenn for what she's done.


She wants to destroy Tak also. It is confirmed from Zim in a teasingly way that Miz "Does it for ZIIIM!".


She respects them, but still thinks they're horrible filthy creatures.

Facts of Doom[]

  • Her name is "Zim" backwards.
  • She was a sucessful Invader, until Tenn came along and destroyed her reputation forever.