Biological information
Height: Five feet tall. PAK information: Much larger than normal, with four glowing red spots.
Skin color: Dark green. Anntenea: Long and splinted downwards at various intervals.
Eye color: Black

Misc:A large and visible scar running down the left eye.

Clothing: Usually a black one-peice sneak suit, with a large (ammo) belt of his turret bots.


Early lifeEdit

Vasma was born around the same time as Zim, and due to that one of his earliest memories is of being stuck in a tube and surrounded by countless other smeets.

During his ten years of mandatory military training, Vasma had shown a great affinity for robotics and the like. Unfortunately, his creations would always be destroyed by seemingly random explosions, which as he would later find out where all due to Zim, and to a lesser extent, Skoodge.

After Zim was assinged to a scientific research station, everything was fine in Vasma's life. He became an official Irken scientist and robotics engineer. Everything was great, despite the deaths of two Almighty Tallests by the gelatinous hands of a giant energy absorbing blob, which was created by Zim.

The beginning of "Operation: Impending Doom I" was a day that would forever change Vasma. On that day he became a defect. On that day he left the Empire.

That day started normally, he went into his lab and started to devise a few new designs for military robots. Then the ground started to shake, faint screaming and explosions could be heard, and as Vasma left his research complex, he could see nothing, nothing but chaos. As Zim and his giant robot could be seen destroying everything. As it got closer, Vasma began to truly know the meaning of fear.

This fear overloaded his PAK's programming and internal emotion block, turning him from a happy and slightly psychotic Irken robotics engineer, to a fearful defect.

After escaping Zim's horrible doom ridden rampage and coming to terms with what he had become, Vasma decided to leave the Empire and never return, for fear of what they would do to him when they found out that he was a defect.

Everything afterwardsEdit

Vasma then kept running, from world to world,  and each time he began to call a world home, it was usually invaded by the Empire. Every time an invasion didn't come, a small group of Irken soldiers would come looking for him, presumably to kill the escaped defect.

After some time of running, he realized that even a defect on the run from a gigantic space empire needs currency, and then he became a mercenary and eventually became one of the best employees of a shadowy and un-named organisation of assassins and mercenaries.

While completing a contract on a space station in a sector of space that is currently unexplored by the Irken Empire, his contact gave him information on a new contract, worth 5 billion munnies, the job was to kill Zim.

He can now be found on Earth, ironicly completing the contract for the Tallest.


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