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Maximumis Securita-178(MS-178's official name in Irken record keeping is Super-Maximum Security Detention Center 178, although this name is harder to remember and therefore used less) is a strict,high security prison,located on a large asteroid orbiting a gas giant in the Vortian solar system. It is used to hold the most dangerous criminals alive. 

Appearance []

MS-178 is a group of domed,high security prison centers. The domes surrounding the prison centers are strong energy forcefields,with many generators protected by security codes and robotic guards. A 2nd bubble-like dome is under the forcefield, to protect the centers from the cold,merciless vaccum of space. Irken ships constantly patrol the asteroid,with ships ranging from Spittle runners to even Viral tanks, however these ships never land on the asteroid, as it would provide a possible means of escape. New prisoners and supplies are teleported down. The centers go down to subterranean levels, reaching almost a mile down into the asteroid.

Known prisoners[]

  • Several Vraalskrith spies